Suggested reading on sperm donation

The following books can familiarize future donors and recipient couples with issues concerning sperm donation: 

  • Building a family with the assistance of donor insemination, Ken Daniels2004, ISBN 0-86469-471-7. Palmerston North, Dunmore Press, NZ. Excellent reading, well researched and written by a renowned specialist in the field, lots of insight for couples, children and donors.

The following book is destined to children conceived by donor insemination:

  • My story. Julie Heath, (uniquement en anglais). DCnetwork, This book explains in very simple terms the story of a donor-conceived birth.

In German, the same outline is in this children's book:

  • Die Geschichte unserer Familie. Petra Thorn, (uniquement en allemand) FamART Verlag,


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