Dr Daniel Wirthner

Daniel Wirthner

Medical Director of the CPMA

Medical Doctor, University of Lausanne.

Specialized in gynecology and obstetrics, extensive training in reproductive medicine and gynecological endocrinology.

Dr. Daniel Wirthner studied at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lausanne where he obtained his federal diploma of medicine in 1985. His began his post-graduate training in surgery and continued in gynecology and obstetrics. Chief resident in 1995 at the Maternity of the CHUV (University Hospital of Canton Vaud, in Lausanne), he was appointed Associate Physician, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in April 1999. He specialized in gynecological endocrinology in the department of Professor P. Bouchard St Antoine Hospital (Paris) from 1998 to 1999. During this year in Paris, he spent six weeks in the Department of reproductive medicine with Professor R. Frydman in Clamart, and with Professor JB Dubuisson in the Beaudelocque hospital. He was appointed Master of Education (MOE) in January 2005. He has worked in the Unit of Reproductive Medicine CHUV until August 31, 2005.

Since 1 September 2005, Dr. Daniel Wirthner works exclusively in the CPMA.

He is responsible for the sperm bank.

Dr. Wirthner is the Medical Director of the CPMA  as of December 1st, 2014.

His research interests relate to menopause, contraception, endometriosis and reproductive medicine.

Languages: French, English, basic knowledge of German.

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