The CPMA Lausanne has close relations for professional collaboration with other institutions in the Medisupport  network:



Fertas, located in the CPMA building, is the IVF and andrology laboratory.



Aurigen is a center for human genetics, cytology and clinical pathology, situated in Lausanne



Polyanalytic is a laboratory for medical analyses which carries out the ensemble of clinical biological analyses


In addition, the technical platform and medical expertise of the Hirslanden Group complete the possibilities for investigation and treatment, thanks to an excellent collaboration with the Clinique Cecil, which is close to the CPMA.

tl_files/images/images pour site 2013/Cecil_sRGB_DL.jpg La Clinique Cecil 



CPMA, Rue de la Vigie 5, 1003 Lausanne, tél: 021 321 15 80