Extended culture

Culture up to the blastocyst stage

Although most embryos undergo their first cellular divisions, only some of them have the ability to continue their development to establish a pregnancy.

During an extended culture in the laboratory, it is possible to identify the embryos which develop to the blastocystThe blastocyst is an early embryonic stage of development of 5 / 6 days, which presents a complex cellular structure composed of about 200 cells. The blastocyst stage is the pre-implantation stage of the embryo in the maternal uterus. stage. An embryoTerm designating the early stages of development from conception to the eighth week of pregnancy. From the first cell division on, the two-cell stage, one uses the term embryo. that has a significant developmental delay after 5 to 6 days of culture has virtually no chance of starting a pregnancy.

The prolonged culture allows to:

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