Biological and laboratory care

An important part of the analyses and tests necessary to answer questions pertaining to infertilityDifficulty for a man or a woman to procreate as a result of a functional disorder or an organic lesion of the reproductive system, generally acknowledged after one year of regular, unprotected sexual performed in the laboratory. The CPMA - Lausanne works with several laboratories, each with their specificity in the biological and technical aspects of global care.

In particular:

- the Fertas laboratory is responsible for semen analysis, preparation of spermEjaculated spermatozoa and secretions during the male orgasm. for the inseminations and in vitroLatin for "in glass" for example in a test tube, as opposed to processes taking place inside the body. fertilizationFusion of an egg and a spermatozoon, fertilization occurs naturally in the fallopian tubes. procedures,

- the laboratories of the Medisupport group perform the routine analyses (blood and urine),

- and the Aurigen laboratory carries out genetic analyses.

The laboratory staff at Fertas and the CPMA will answer any practical questions. For more specific questions, they will advise patients to contact their doctor or the biologist in charge.

It is possible to request an appointment with one of the Fertisupport biologists, when - on the advice of the treating physician - issues related to biology and embryology must be addressed.

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