FIVNAT-CH Registry

Drs Marc Germond and Alfred Senn actively participated in the creation in 1992 of FIVNAT-CH, a working group of the Swiss Society for Reproductive Medicine (formerly, Swiss Society of Fertility, Sterility and Family Planning) in charge of supervising the national register and identifying all IVF cycles performed in Switzerland. All centers performing IVF in Switzerland have joined voluntarily.

FIVNAT-CH is now officially recognized by several cantons, among which the canton of Vaud. This constitutes an essential recognition of the work of FIVNAT-CH to date.

An audit of FIVNAT-CH was introduced at the instigation of the same team. The audit, performed by two foreign experts, aims to assess the completeness and accuracy of data in the register, and the quality of the data entries. This process of quality made ​​Switzerland one of the few countries to push so far the quality checks in this area.

Certificats FIVNAT-CH

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